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Company Name: Fujibussan Co., Ltd.
Address: 2833-1 Katsuyama, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun,
Yamanashi 401-0310 JAPAN
President: Michiko Taussac
Establishment: March 23rd. 1979
Capital: 30,000,000 Yen
Employees: 110
Suppliers: Alcane limited, Sagami Gyogyo Cooperation, Takanashi Milk products Co., Ltd.,
Green Food Oda, Murakawa Corporation, Chugai Shokuhin Co., Ltd., Sakurai Inc.,
Nomura Corporation, French F&B Japan Co., Ltd.
Business Description: Hotel & Restaurant food service
Imported food product sales(France, Italy, Hungary, Chile, Australia etc)
Smoked food products
Frozen food products
Main Clients: Hotels nation wide, Air-Catering Services, Cruise Ships, Wedding Places, Resort hotels, Restaurants, Events, Parties etc.


Mar. 1979 Fujibussan Co.,Ltd was founded in the city of Fujiyoshida located on hood of Mt. Fuji. Started to produce smoked and marined food products for Hotels and Restaurants.
Apr. 1985 Opened Tokyo office in Shinjuku area
Jan. 1988 Headquarter and factory was moved to Koasumi.
Apr. 1992 Started to develop food products for Air-Catering Service
Sept. 1994 Guest House for presentation was built
Apr. 2001 Started to develop desserts
Selection of original items have reached more than 500 products.
Dec. 2002 Started to develop original frozen Sushi
Mar. 2003 Second factory was built in Fujiyoshida-city
Apr. 2003 Tokyo office was moved from Shinjuku to Kagurazaka
Mar. 2007 Established head office and factory, relocated and second plant consolidated
Oct. 2007 New factory was certified by Japan Meal Replacement Association as an HACCP integrated quality management system.